Monday, April 11, 2011

We'll Just Call This Skill Building...

Sunday, Brad and I were having a great day. We went to church, had lunch and spent some time with my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and my favorite little nephew Cooper. :) He is so stinkin' cute. Don't believe me? Here's proof.  ---->

Anyways, we got home after church, changed into comfy clothes and decided to run a few errands. We planned to go to Best Buy, Red Mango and Bed, Bath, & Beyond to spend our last wedding gift card. :(  Well, we went to Best Buy and BB&B in Shadow Lake Shopping Center. We left there and headed out to Highway 370 to catch the interstate. We wanted to take that to One Pacific Place to delve into some frozen yogurt! Well, about 5 minutes into our drive, we noticed the car was driving kind of funny, so we pulled over. Before he even got out of the car, Brad said, "I have a flat tire - and I think it's one of the new ones we got last month."  I didn't believe him...I mean there's NO WAY we could already have a flat tire after 3 1/2 weeks on it.  Well, unfortunately I was wrong. Dang it.

Brad asked me if I had ever changed a car tire before and I said, "No." He then asked me if I wanted to learn. I said ever so excitedly (yeah right), "Sure."  Then I got out and proceeded to learn a new skill! Wahoo! Brad told me that I should always call him first, but just in case I can't get a hold of him or whatever, I should know how to change one. And he's right. Quite frankly, I probably should've learned this skill a long time ago - I mean, I've been driving for 8 years and had never even seen it done. So, here I am - changing a tire. I felt very special!

If I'm being honest, I pray that I will always be able to get a hold of Brad (or my dad or any other strong, capable man) if I get a flat. Those bolts were HARD to get off. Even Brad was breaking a sweat getting them undone. I'm not entirely sure I could do it by myself. Granted, they had just gotten screwed on 4 weeks prior by a professional mechanic with one of those neato things you see on NASCAR. (Note: That is the first, last, and only time you will ever see any reference to NASCAR in my blog or in a normal conversation with me.) Anyways, there was a very nice passerby that stopped to help, even though we had it under control. After that, Brad said he felt like every guy that passed by thought he was a jerk for making his wife do it (even though I was enthusiastically learning), so he took over.

That gave me the opportunity to turn around and realize we got a flat right in front of the new Werner Ball Park. Neato, huh???

Anyways, we got the donut (the temporary tire - for all of those, like me, that know nothing about cars) on Brad's car. Brad then educated me further and said that you should never really go over 40-45 miles per hour when driving on a donut, because they are cheap and thin and blowout easily. Glad he told me that! So, we decided to skip driving on the interstate, which meant no Red Mango . Instead (still feeling like we deserved a treat after all our hard work), we went back to Shadow Lake and got frozen custard at Freddy's. I have decided that they have THE BEST hot caramel sundae I have ever tasted. Yum!

Oh, and a shout out to my amazing husband Bradley, who didn't get annoyed at me taking pictures and fiddling around while he worked so hard to change our tire. :)

Anyways, our night ended up back at home, grilling out. We had picked up some natural casing hot dogs - my personal favorite - earlier in the week and some beef for hamburgers. I threw some potatoes in the oven and he did the grilling. Brad asked me to cook up some of the bacon we had and get out the cheese so he could put it on his burgers. I have officially decided to change their name from hamburgers to "Man-burgers." Whoa! That's a lot of stuff on a burger, don't ya think?

After those mondo man-burgers came off the grill, we took our plates to the couch and watched an episode of Dexter before heading to bed. All in all, I'd say we had a good day that included "free" shopping, skill-building, hot caramel sundaes, good food, good tv, and good time spent together. :)


  1. Cooper is so adorable!!!

    I have had to change a tire before and I almost couldn't get the dang bolts off!

    I blew a tire last year too- right off the busy interstate and I was so scared I had to call my Dad.

    I'm so proud of your skillzzz

    love ya!

  2. Thanks Steph! I'm loving "Aunt-hood." I am so proud that you know how to change a tire - but if you ever get scared again, just call me, because I'm an expert now! Just gotta give me about 8 hours to get there and we'll be good to go! :)

    Love ya!

  3. Your nephew is really stinkin cute. And, yes, major props to brad for not getting annoyed with the photo taking... some husbands who shall not be named do not have quite the same patience :) I'll definitely be calling you if I get a flat. Lv ya!