Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Puttin' Around

Sundays are always really tiring for me. And ever since Brad and I got married, I think he's began to understand how  being in ministry (or being married to someone in ministry) is physically and mentally exhausting - especially on Sunday mornings. Usually, after church, we eat lunch with my parents, or occasionally his parents, and then we go home and take a nap. When we wake up, we usually sit on our butts and do nothing. This past Sunday, we decided we wanted to do something other than take a nap and watch TV, so we headed to Boulder Creek Amusement Park! Yes, the name is far more exciting than the actual place, but it still made for a good time. We decided to putt putt 18 holes through the "Adventure Course." Both being fiercely competitive people, there was A LOT of trash talking and reveling in each other's failures. Lots of love going on at the putt putt golf course.

This picture is Brad being a dork and obviously not taking my request for a "cute picture" seriously. Boo! 

 And this is Brad's "mad face" as his ball came rolling back down the hill towards him. Stroke 2!

Honestly, it was a really close game the whole time, and we both knew it. We were VERY anxious to get done and add up our scores. Unfortunately, I was on the losing end....this time.
He won by ONE STROKE! Dang it! It was the third hole that killed me - and I was very disappointed. :( Brad, of course, was as giddy as a school girl. I smell a rematch.


  1. Oh fun! You guys are so cute.

    Do you do much real golfing, not that put put isn't real, but you know what I mean. I have done it a few time the last few years and think it's really fun. Double date?

  2. Oh and I think you have the correct time zone set up for your blog. It says I made my last comment at 10:03 AM rather than at 12:03 PM. I promise I'm reading your blog during my lunch break, not when I'm supposed to be working!

  3. Brad likes to golf, but it isn't a huge hobby, so he's not super great at it. He has said in the past that in all his experience, taking women golfing is the worst idea. Apparently, most women diddle daddle and talk to much and talk in men's backswings. :) But I don't know...maybe we could convince him to take me. I've never been golfing and have a feeling I'd be quite terrible at it. I'll check and see if he's got the patience to try and teach me. Ha!

    Oh, and I will go correct my time zone now. Sorry - I never noticed!