Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend (Part 1)

To say our Easter weekend was busy is an understatement! Whoa! We had a lot going on! Friday night, we had Good Friday service at Wildewood (which I spoke at). Brad had to miss it because of work, but it worked out for him to pick up one of our favorite kids, Taiden, so he could spend the night at our house. Taiden's mom, Tara, had to work the next day and had no one to watch him, so we decided to take him. Here's Brad and Taiden on our wedding day - he was one of our ring bearers!

Friday night, we went and picked out a movie and some snacks so we could veg out in front of the TV and finish stuffing the last of the 6,000 eggs that would be spread out the next day at the annual Wildewood egg hunt! That's right....I said SIX THOUSAND EGGS. I think Brad and I got to bed around midnight and were up at 6:30. Ughh.... Not to mention, as much as we love Taiden and kids in general, we sure weren't used to being woken up 3-4 times in a night to help someone go to the bathroom, get a drink, rub their back.... :) It may have (most definitely) changed our "baby timeline" a bit. Ha!

Needless to say, we were tired when we woke up on Saturday morning. I had to be at the church by 8am to meet with volunteers who would help with the egg hunt, but Brad was nice enough to wake up and make breakfast for all of us. Taiden requested pancakes (which I was secretly excited about because I never get those anymore - Brad's blood sugar issues mean no mass carbohydrate meals if you plan on being productive). He made some eggs and sausage for us too!

Taiden LOVED the pancakes - he even had seconds!
 I headed off to the church to get things set up. Brad and Taiden joined me a bit later and were both really good helpers! The festivities began at 11am and were over by 11:35am. Those eggs go fast! Brad snapped a few pictures of Taiden at the egg hunt! He was a little shy - but eventually got in there and got some eggs!

After the egg hunt, the three of us went to lunch and then headed to the park to play before Taiden had to head home. It was so fun - Taiden is a total ham for the camera and kept saying "Take a picture of me over here! Look at what I'm doing! Take a picture of this!" It was a lot of fun - and with such a photogenic kid - it was even more fun!

After the park, Brad took Taiden home and I made 2 desserts (Coconut cake and blackberry cobbler - both were DELICIOUS if I do so say myself!) and then we took a nap! We headed to an Easter dinner with my  mom's side of the family and had a good time - I unfortunately forgot my camera and have no pictures from that event. :( Dang it! That's it for now - this post is getting pretty long! More Easter weekend news to come!

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  1. Yay for babysitting! I told you we're going to need to coordinate better next time. We could have watched the kiddos together and let them play.

    Looks like you had a great weekend. Lv ya!