Monday, March 21, 2011

Our "Journey" Thus Far...

Well, we are two weeks into our journey (annoying word usage #1) and the day is here - Brad and I have both weighed in and we both left with a smile on our face. :) It has been an incredible journey (annoying word usage #2) thus far. We have stuck to our guns! No alcohol! No fast food! No eating out! The journey (annoying word usage #3) has been tough at times - I definitely wanted to eat these amazing looking "cookie dough brownies" at Bible study last week, but I resisted! This week's results!

Drum roll please...
Brad:    - 9 lbs lost
Stacie:  -10 lbs lost

Woot woot! We are excited. We understand that our weight loss may slow down a bit over the next few weeks (since we aren't dealing with as much water retention, etc), but we are still committed to the journey (annoying word usage #4) and won't give up! Now I'm off to make dinner: Buffalo burgers, salad, and maybe just maybe, some sugar free jello! Yum!

P.S.  You can personally thank Stephanie Selden of Denver, Colorado for the excessive use of the word "journey" in this post. :) Love ya girl!


  1. I LOVE IT! And I would like a buffalo burger as well. Did you make the one in that picture? It looks even better than an Outback Steakhouse commercial!

  2. WHOOT WHOOT! Congrats you two! And I second Steph on that burger picture. Very impressive :)