Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Different Perspective

The last 3 days have been really crazy. My nephew Cooper was born on the 28th of February and he's made quite a splash. :) He's really forced me to find a new perspective on my brother. He's always just been my brother. He's 5 years older than me, so he's been around for as long as I have. I've always loved him and thought he was great (except from about ages 5-12, when the moments of sibling camaraderie were few and far between - but even then, I loved him). But, our relationship has changed over the years. No doubt, it something to do with the fact that we have both aged and matured. But I think we've also seen each other in life scenarios that completely change the way you feel about them.

I was looking through old pictures yesterday and found one of John holding me - almost 25 years ago (when my parents took me home from the hospital). And then I looked through my wedding pictures from September - the ones of me and my brother. He's not a nerf-gun blazing, lego playing, ninja turtle action figure collector anymore. (Well, I imagine if you set legos in front of him, he'd still be pretty giddy.)

The last 3 days that I've gone to the hospital to see my nephew, I've seen John hold Cooper and it hit me just this last time that John is his DAD. John is a dad. Wow. He is someone's father. My heart melted as I looked at John, beaming with pride. I've already been impressed with the way he cares for his son - he's quite possibly the best swaddler in town! He's a family man - taking care of his wife, also. He was not afraid to hint that Jessie needed rest when the room was full of guests. I thought that was so cute! I'm so proud of John - so proud of his response to what is an overwhelming responsibility. I'm so proud, because I'm confident that he'll be a great dad...and one that probably plays legos. :)

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  1. Aw! First, welcome to the blogging world! Happy to have you :) Second, this brought tears to my eyes!! So sweet.
    Congrats again on becoming an aunt to such a handsome boy!