Thursday, March 17, 2011


–noun 1. a period or bout of excessive indulgence, as in eating, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.

The aforementioned word is sufficient in describing the process which took place in my household shortly after Brad and I got married. We binged. On anything we could see. We had been so stressed about the wedding - we were saving money and trying to make sure we fit into our dress and suit. So, afterwards, we basically just let it go. We went out to eat about 5 times a week - and if we weren't going out, we were ordering in or buying a frozen pizza or on the off chance that we actually cooked at home, it was something terrible - like chocolate cake for dinner. (Note: this confession is entirely embarrassing.)

Anyways, I got put on a steroid back in January and gained even more weight. After I got off the steroid, Brad and I decided to get our butts in to gear and start to get back to our pre-wedding bodies. We started our "journey" on March 6, 2011 and have included the rules of "no fast food, no drinking alcohol, and no eating out." We even went through our house and got rid of (donated to my brother and sister-in-law) all the food we can't eat. We'll be consuming lean protein, and fruits and vegetables that are low on the glycemic index. Because of Brad's low blood sugars, he'll eat slightly differently than me and a few more times a day. I will be documenting our weight loss every two weeks (which means, look for an update in 3 days on our first two weeks!) Here are our start pictures. Brad still looks cute, but my hips! Whoa! Motivation!


  1. Your "Journey". You are too funny!

  2. I think you look beautiful in these pictures Stacie!

    Think of all the money you're saving on food and drinking. Remember - you just poop and pee that stuff out anyways :) Lv ya!