Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday happened to be on Thanksgiving this year - it does that from time to time. Unfortunately, it just wasn't a good day. Birthdays get less and less fun as I get older - not because I'm actually getting older, but because no one has fun with me anymore! I love birthdays! That said, I did walk away with some pretty nice gifts from my hubby and family! Here are the gifts Brad got me - the rest of the pics will be up later.

Brad got me a BEAUTIFUL sweater - that I love. He also got me a necklace I've been wanting and a very unique cookbook. It's all about WHOOPIE PIES! Just about every variation you can think of can be found in this book - so yummy. I hate to say it, but do you think Brad could've been trying to tell me something??? Ha!


  1. Where is this sweater from? Very pretty!

  2. Von Maur - I'm addicted to that store. :) Their juniors sections has a few gems in it and the prices are usually better in that part of the store. :)