Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Bowling Good Time

Every Tuesday night, we have Bible study with one of the coolest groups of people we've ever met! ;)  No, seriously, they are really great and it's been awesome getting to know them. It's a good group for Brad and I, because we are one of four newly married couples. Three of us got married this year, in fact! It's been really good to discuss our faith (and the impact marriage has on it) with people who are going through it too! Anyways, since it's close to Christmas, our group decided take a night off and just hang out. We went to Old Chicago and ate dinner and then headed to Sempeck's Bowling Alley in Elkhorn, which is by far the cleanest, non-smokiest, coolest bowling alley atmosphere I've experienced. (Note: I do understand that "non-smokiest" is not a word.)   Man, I didn't realize until we got there, but Brad and I needed to get out of our house! And thank God we did. Woohoo! We had so much fun! Our bible study group made it more fun by having a guys-against-girls competition and although I am disappointed that the guys won overall, I can still say that I killed my husband in both games. He's good at many things - bowling isn't one of them. :) Also, Brad and I came straight from work to the bowling alley, so yes, that top left pictures is a dress....and tights....and bowling shoes.

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