Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to the ER!

My husband is very sick! He has had a horrible fever for about 4 days now and it got so bad on Monday night (104 degrees), that I ended up taking him to urgent care. They ended up telling us that Brad's fever was too high and he was very dehydrated. Bottom line: he needed to go to the Emergency Room. Obviously, that's never an exciting thing to hear for anyone, but this time, it was different for me. I was so sad that he was that sick. I didn't show it at the time (trying to not freak Brad out), but I was nervous and worried. Luckily, we got there and they took VERY good care of him. He ended up getting 2 bags of fluid through IV and a HUMONGOUS prescription Motrin. He got well enough that they sent him home about 4 hours later. The picture clearly shows that he wasn't very happy about it, but I insisted that I document the moment! :)
Unfortunately, Brad hasn't gotten a whole lot better since then. His fever is still hanging around 101-102 degrees and he has really bad chills. The doctor said she thinks it may be something called the "narovirus" (sp?). Basically it's just a very nasty stomach virus that causes similar symptoms. Include him in your prayers - he needs them!

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