Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cooper Time and Mini Golf

This past weekend, my brother and sister-in-law were getting ready to go out of town, so they asked me to stop by and hang out with my nephew Cooper so they could get more done without distractions. My brother calls it something like the "WalMart Effect." Cooper is like WalMart in that every time you go there, even if your intention is to only pop in and grab something quick, you end up spending a lot of time in the store. With Cooper, you mean to just bend down and give him a kiss as you're doing laundry and getting chores done, but before you know it, you've spent 20 minutes giving him endless amounts of kisses, playing peekaboo, and going to embarrassing lengths to get him to smile. SO...of course Aunt Stacie came to let John and Jessie have a couple hours of diligent, distraction-free packing.

Cooper is so much fun! He's now officially 6 months old and rolling all over the place! Towards the end of my time with him (nearing his bath/bed time), he got a little fussy and my sister-in-law told me to take him outside. It was AMAZING. Cooper apparently loves being outside. The minute I opened the front door, he stopped crying and was quiet as a church mouse until we came which time, we went back outside. :) He didn't even care if we were walking. He enjoyed just looking around while sitting on my lap on the front stoop.

This is exactly what he looked like the entire time we were outside - tired, but quiet and observant.

I tried to get a picture of Cooper sucking his thumb as we were sitting outside, but he reached out and bumped my phone as I was taking it. I still kind of like the picture. :)

On Saturday night, Brad and I went on a double date with my parents. We went mini-golfing and then got ice cream. Brad won! It's was his dashing good looks and mini golfing skills that reeled me in! It was a lot of fun and a nice time spent with my parents.

We had a long weekend - jam packed with lots of things to do, so it was tiring, but it was also fun. And back for your enjoyment, here's another adorable picture of Cooper. :)

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