Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soothing bite at a time!

One of my very best friends from church, Marlo, is such a great lady. I really enjoy spending time with her - we seem to have similar thought processes and personalities. Her husband is in the Army and they moved here almost two years ago. They also have three lovely daughters, who all have a little piece of my heart and a dog that doesn't like me. :) Marlo, her husband Doug and I all went to Romania together last month and got even closer during that time.

Anyways, Marlo called me up on Wednesday after she'd had a very long morning. The first words out of her mouth were, "I need a stiff drink." Being the good friend that I am, I told her, "Well it IS before noon, but I'm down." :) Nah, she was just kidding, but we did decide to get together for lunch that day. Marlo spent her time growing up in Mississippi and Louisiana, so I suggested that we go get some good Cajun food at Jazz! An hour later, I was picking her up and we made our way downtown.

I ordered Chicken a La Mer. Being the true Southern gal that she is, Marlo ordered a crawfish po'boy. YUCK! Anyways, she said it wasn't like her grandma's cooking, but it was okay. We've both had a long summer with lots of stress, so we decided to eat away our sorrows with fried pickles (my favorite thing at Jazz) and beignets. I first had beignets in New Orleans at the world famous "Cafe du Monde." I waited in line for over 25 minutes to get my bag of beignets (they throw them in a bag with about 2 cups of powdered sugar), but it was worth every minute. I had almost forgotten how good they were, so I'm glad we splurged and got them.

 As good as the beignets and fried pickles were, we unfortunately had to find a bug that had been rolled into Marlo's silverware. Gross! 

That's 3 demerits for Jazz. :( But still a good time to talk and relax with a good friend!

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  1. I find bugs in our toilet paper rolls a lot. They don't hurt you. I promise. :)