Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Balloons and Wine

Last Saturday night, Brad and I met up with some of my old college friends, Dave and Lacy, at the Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival in Gretna. I had gone a few years back and wasn't super impressed, but apparently, the popularity of the event has grown, allowing for some expansion, making it pretty awesome this year. For $15, you were admitted to the festival, given a souvenir wine glass and enough tickets for 5 wine tastings per person. There were kids activities, food and alcohol vendors, a live band and of course, the hot air balloons. It was really quite fun! Between 7pm and 7:45pm about 10 balloons took off. They landed elsewhere and then were brought back after the sun set and all lit up for us to see again. They even did a little "light show" that accompanied the music. Pictures are below - and take note that I actually forgot my camera for this event, so all I had was my cell phone. Shockingly, I was quite pleased with how my cell phone's camera worked and how the pictures turned out!

Dave and Lacy

All in all - it was a fun night! I'd do it again, for sure!


  1. The pictures turned out awesome! I've definitely started using my phone as a back up. Those pictures I took of the house were are from my phone and they turned out just fine, and these pictures are awesome! I especially like the second picture. Seems to capture the mood of what was going on. Looks like you guys had a great time! Lv ya!

  2. If that same event happened in Park City, it would be $50+ a person. Sounds awesome. Too bad it didn't include an actual balloon ride.