Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Am No Longer A "Name Twin"

Some of you may not know, but my husband's sister and I share the same first name. I think it was kind of weird for Brad in the beginning - the name that he used when referring to his older sister that he loved/teased/etc was the same name of the girl he was dating. They are spelled differently - I am "Stacie" and she is "Stacey." Needless to say, his friends gave him lots of flack about it. Brad's side of the family has come up with many ways to differentiate between us. The most common one is just calling us by our first and middle names. I'm Stacie Marie and she is Stacey Lynn. Stacey's boyfriend would always call me "Future Stacie." :)

Anyways, when I got married, I obviously changed my last name to match my husband's. Since Stacey Lynn was unmarried at the time, there were officially two "Stac-ie/ey Salinas'." Multiple people added me on Facebook, thinking I was the "original" one and it made for a lot of confusing conversations, trying to explain to people that we are related, but that I'm not the one they're looking for. (Sigh....) I am alone in my name again. Last weekend, Stacey Lynn got married! Her last name is now Withrow. It was a beautiful, unique, private ceremony. The bride, wore a pale green (almost seafoam) dress. It was beautiful!

Brad's cousins, Casey and Jeremy, came in from the East Coast to celebrate, so Brad was in hog heaven. They were ushers at our wedding and Brad has a very special place in his heart for them. We had lots of fun, hanging out with Brad's family and partying the night away!

Brad and his grandma Dee

Me, Brad, Stepmom Wendy, Brad's Dad, Stacey Lynn & Gary

Gary and Stacey

Stacey Lynn, Brad and their mom, Cheryl

Stacey Lynn, Brad, and their dad, Larry

Gary and Stacey cutting the cake - they had an xBox cake on the left and a Hulk Hogan cake on the right!


Brad's cousin Jeremy warming up on the dance floor!

Jeremy and his girlfriend Danielle, showcasing Jeremy's signature move!

Brad, me, and Danielle trying to lift Jeremy up - not successful...obviously.

Brad, Me, Danielle, and Jeremy

Jeremy and Casey were so funny - constantly getting Grandma Dee on the dance floor!

Grandma Dee and Casey "taking pictures" of Jeremy's moves!

Aunt Cristie and Father-in-Law Larry warding off the paparrazi!

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