Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheesy, but I don't care...

Okay, so this is cheesy, but I was looking at my wedding pictures and two pictures stood out to me. Mainly because the people in them are people that I LOVE.  Below each picture, I'll describe why I love them.
                                                                Bradley Allen Salinas
1. Brad is one of the most loving people I've ever met. He's honest about his love - never cheesy or unbelievable. He loves hard and even when you frustrate him, he's almost always the first to call and make things right.
2. Brad has a hilarious sense of humor. Sometimes he's crass and sometimes you just can't believe what comes out of his mouth, but he never fails to make me laugh. Most people love his laugh (it's infectious) and his facial expressions. I laugh everyday.
3. Look at him. Hot. Enough said.
4. Brad is very giving - he'll go without anyday so that someone else will have something they need or want. This isn't my strength, so sometimes he has to sort of shove me, but very rarely will Brad turn down someone who calls for help. His heart is HUGE!
5. Brad seems to always be growing - over the time I've known him, he's become a more mature, loving, patient, and understanding man. He's continuing his growth spiritually and puts me to shame when it comes to loving people the way Christ would.

                                                           Stephanie, Amanda, & Kait
(I really don't think I could've been happy on my wedding day if these girls weren't there! They're my "cry-on-your-shoulder, laugh-til-it-hurts, say-anything, be-crazy" friends and I wouldn't trade them for the world. So glad they could be a part of my day!)
1. Stephanie is one of the most hilarious, honest, genuine people I know. She has become a very independent girl who is passionate about her convictions, but quick to accept others for who they are. Her impressions of Mary Katherine Gallagher are spot on and can appreciate my "weirdness," because we're both "quirky." :) She was such a HUGE supporter and cheerleader on my wedding day. Some things didn't go as planned and she was there to remind me to just keep moving and have fun!
2. Amanda...oh, Amanda. I've always had a hard time describing her - not because she's weird or boring, but because she's just an interesting person. I want to say "she's changed so much over the years!" But the truth is, she hasn't. She is just always trying new things and introducing us to new ways of thinking. She's still so loving and spunky and "our chameleon" (always adapting to new situations). She's realistic - which I appreciate as a fellow realist, and she doesn't let you stay negative. She's always pushing you to THINK and question everything. Wedding day stress was nearly eliminated because of Amanda.
3. My maid of honor, Kait. Anyone who meets Kait understands immediately that Kait is the sweetest person ever! She is one of the most compassionate people I've ever met and is consistently one of the shoulders I cry on and the first number I dial when I need to vent. Kait has a good head on her shoulders and refuses to let me be a jerk. She holds me accountable to be the kind of woman I want to be and supports me in all I do. I had the honor of living with Kait and some of my fondest memories were of the times we were busting our guts laughing over the dumbest things. :)


  1. I loved your wedding and I love this picture of us girls! You are an amazing friend and I'm so happy that you've found a new best friend in Brad. Also, I think you're descriptions of us are perfect. Oh, Amanda is right. My interests have changed drastically over the year... shall we say I'm "easily inspired"? haha! Love ya! -A

  2. Oh I love this Stacie-- and I love you! Thank you for being my friend, even though I am, as you say, "quirky" haha- love it :) I honestly couldn't ask for better friends with you girls. I think it would be funny to do a comparison picture of the four of us back in high school next to a picture of the, I have to say, super-modelesque photo of us now... blog ideas just keep comin'! Love you!